Most of us are living with a parasite.  No, I don’t mean a tapeworm or something else you see late at night on Discovery Channel.  I am talking about something that if gone unchecked can sap the happiness in your life and accelerate you towards burn out.  In this post, I will share ways to remove this pest so you can truly enjoy life.

This parasite I am referring to is our dependency, or may I go even further to say, our addiction to social media and technology.  Smartphones and tablets (not to mention smart watches) are being ingrained into our culture in a profound way.  Now let me make it clear,

I am in no way bashing technology or social media, I think they are great tools, just poor gods to be worshipped.

You can see it all around us, people obsessed with:

  • Accumulating the next hot gadgets
  • Scouring Twitter to see what celebrities are doing with their lives
  • Checking Instagram every 15 minutes to see how many likes they received on their recent selfie. And so on…

We have this technology and endless streams of information so readily available to us that it can easily suck up our time and distract us from what we are called to accomplish with our lives.  I say this to you because I have struggled with this, and still do in some areas, but I am making a conscious effort to work on it day in and day out.

Here is my top tip to intentionally unplug so that you can truly enjoy life and do what matters:

Own Your Schedule

The world’s most effective people own their schedule.  They take the time to plan out their days and weeks ahead of time the best they can so they can accomplish what matters most.  This goes for your work life, personal life, family, hobbies, school, ministry, you name it.

If you do not own your schedule, someone else will.  When you set certain things in place in your schedule put up boundaries around it so that nothing can take its place. If it matters to you, fight for it.

One thing you should fight for is the quiet time in your life.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be dead silence, but remove all unnecessary noise from your life:

  • Turn off your iPhone (yes I said it)
  • Close the laptop
  • Log out of Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat
  • Go for a walk outside
  • Spend time with your family without any type of screen involved[clear]

If you value your health and your sanity, intentionally carve out time in your schedule to unplug from tech and social networks.  You will find it surprisingly refreshing.

What do you do to unplug and actually enjoy life around you?